Are Boxed Cake Mixes Foolproof?

Do Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines account for human error? I’ve often wondered if one could truly mess up a boxed cake mix. Baking is much more of a science than cooking, and your technique really matters (just ask my boyfriend, he’s slowly learning 🙂 ) So I decided to put it to the test. […]

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The Future of Food is 3D

3D printed candy cube

You’re probably familiar with 3-D printing. If you’re like me, you think of plastics and engineering. However, did you know that scientists are working on creating 3-D printers for food?! Sounds pretty cool, right? But why do we need this new technology?

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Food Waste: A Growing Problem for a Growing World

It’s not pretty, or glamorous, or exciting, but it’s real and it’s a problem: food waste. Did you know that 25-40% of food in America is wasted (Grocery Manufacturers Association)? Food makes up the majority of solid waste in landfills. That’s right, not plastic or paper, FOOD. How do we solve this problem, especially considering […]

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Food Science Career Opportunities


What does a food scientist actually do?  I recently received a great question from a reader requesting advice on which majors to pick for college, and how food science and nutrition science relate. To help others who may be interested in turning their love of food into a career, I’ve offered my advice below. The […]

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