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Hello everyone! I am excited you have found this site in your search for food knowledge! If you are a curious soul who loves to eat you are in the right place! My goal with this site is to teach others about food in a way that is fun and easy to understand. As a food scientist, I get a lot of questions about food and what I do. What I have found is there are a looot of questions, but not a lot of reputable resources for people to go to learn more. Food is a staple of our daily lives. Our schedules and even our traditions are built around sharing food with others, so why don’t we learn more about it? That’s where this site comes in. Please use the information found here to feed your curiosity, and use the cited references to learn more in depth. If you have have a question, please write me! I am happy to address any topic that my readers have interest in.

While I plan to have a focus on the science behind food, I also am an avid baker and cook in my free time. I hope you will see how these two passions can be married together to create delicious meals for the world.

I look forward to all the great posts to come and interacting with my fellow foodies. Bon appétit!

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