The Future of Food is 3D

3D printed candy cube

You’re probably familiar with 3-D printing. If you’re like me, you think of plastics and engineering. However, did you know that scientists are working on creating 3-D printers for food?! Sounds pretty cool, right? But why do we need this new technology?

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Food Waste: A Growing Problem for a Growing World

It’s not pretty, or glamorous, or exciting, but it’s real and it’s a problem: food waste. Did you know that 25-40% of food in America is wasted (Grocery Manufacturers Association)? Food makes up the majority of solid waste in landfills. That’s right, not plastic or paper, FOOD. How do we solve this problem, especially considering […]

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Refined Grain Versus Whole Grain Nutrition

Debates regarding nutrition and recommended foods abound throughout the US and the world. Even as we become more interested in the foods we eat and the effects those foods have on our bodies, there is still a great amount of confusion among most. One such argument is the consumption of refined grains versus whole grains. […]

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